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AXEA Group brings its extensive expertise to the commercial Wallcoverings sector, having successfully executed numerous major projects for hotels across Australia. We understand the challenges hotels encounter in maintaining premium interiors and the necessity of updates every 5-7 years. Our commitment is to provide a tailored solution that precisely meets these unique requirements. Through direct collaboration with hotel owners or by acting as subcontractors for builders, we offer comprehensive wall coverings solutions that specifically address the distinct needs of each project.

Whether it involves crafting custom-designed wallpapers that align with the hotel’s branding or offering a diverse selection of high-quality wall coverings from well-known manufacturers, we guarantee a perfect fit for every space. Additionally, our team is proficient in handling projects of any scale, making us the preferred choice for large hotels with numerous rooms. Leveraging our expertise and abundant resources, we ensure seamless installations that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the longevity of the hotel’s interiors.